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7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Garden Log Cabin

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Garden Log Cabin

There is a great new trend in garden design recently, and spread like wildfire. People choose to build a miniature log cabin in their garden as a secondary residence. It is beautiful, functional and a great addition that adds value to your home (and give you a little break in the middle of your backyard).

If you have been considering construction or transplantation of a wooden hut in the garden, here are ten tips for selecting the perfect, and like the results.

1 – Think of your goal – Why do you want a cot in your garden? This issue is more important than you might think, because it will give you the best ideas. For example, if you want something more like a gazebo just more protection, you create a more open cabin, for example, large windows and doors. But if you want something more like a Hobbit hole, you need to know before starting their projects.

2 – Go to the guest cabin – one of the best ways to design a more functional wooden cottage is to create a royal residence. The guest cabin is a great idea because they build a second home for people to live, and add some serious value to your home. You might think you need a lot of stuff for this, as the expansive property or more acres of land. But this is false; More people are now building a guest cabin in their garden next to the main house.

3 – Diversification of crops around it – this is more for aesthetics cabin, and has more to do with the garden of the house itself. Sometimes people do not take into account how the garden itself looks, and how to use the cabin project. Or they do not realize this looks simple, rustic accommodation will produce counters with diverse plant life. Try to be more creative in their choices, or would be very bland. And on the other side of things, when you select your cabin design to keep in mind how it will look in their own back yard.

4 – Watch Eco-friendly options – has long been the belief (false) into the cabin is less environmentally friendly than other forms of accommodation. Once upon a time it could be true, because the use of wood and some chemicals used to treat it. This has not happened for decades. Responsivelmente harvested or recycled wood available. You can find a lot of spots and sealing products that are safe for the environment. It’s hard to remain environmentally friendly to build his cabin, if you’re spending before you make your final purchase.

5 – Treat it like your home – Log require maintenance, so you have to take this into account from the beginning. That said, if you treat it like you would your main home, you find it much easier to follow the necessary tasks as you go, before a problem occurs. Make inspected once a year. Stay and close every few years. treat pests. If you have electricity and plumbing yourself, make sure they are properly tested regularly to avoid short or broken pipes.

6 – Be careful who contracts – There are contractors who can provide construction services log cabin, or can transplant the fact – and to set up an easy choice of garden cabins tend to be small and easy to carry. But this is a big purchase, and you do not need to rush. Contractors that one can transform the process into a logistical nightmare, not to mention the financial and even legal. Do your due diligence when looking for vendors if they build or have built structures. Find out what customers are saying, and see a BBB rating and licensing / insurance of their information. Watch out for red flags.

7 – Think in terms of future use – A friend of mine and her husband chose to build a hut in his garden. But when they do they intend to use it for the more casual in the summer. Instead, they focus on the use that could be in the future. They have a daughter who is now 14. When she got older, she would want more privacy and independence. But it is very helpful to stay at home for college (how to avoid the cost of a dorm room or off-campus). They build their huts so that they can offer you a home to live in the future.